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Chamber Of Secrets

  • Total Members 1017 Members
  • Online Members 141 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

💚 [SFW] Chill Adult Chat - We're just a bunch of adults(over 18s average is around 30-35) that hang out and play some chat based games, no toxic chatters allowed💯

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Social ideas

  • Total Members 20 Members
  • Online Members 15 Online
  • Total Members 3 Quills

Social ideas is a community for individuals with social difficulties and for sharing social ideas. We have channels for discussing social communication, social stress, friends, experiences, observations, and body language. We have social idea community spaces for Tumblr, Reddit, and Quora. You can become a social idea creator.

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  • Total Members 171 Members
  • Online Members 52 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

Hi we welcome you to salem, we are a multi purpose server, offering server boost role. Partner manager role and more. We allow partner ships but 18+ only!!!

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Not Very Creative Of You

  • Total Members 21 Members
  • Online Members 12 Online
  • Total Members 1 Quills

TLDR: This server is for sharing any ideas that you have come up with and just want to share them with other. And for starting priojects with other members.

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James’s Hangout

  • Total Members 853 Members
  • Online Members 90 Online
  • Total Members 4 Quills

Welcome to James’s Hangout, Looking for a ‘Chill’ , ‘Friendly’ , ‘Growing Community’? Well this is for you!

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Kings Landing

  • Total Members 15 Members
  • Online Members 10 Online
  • Total Members 2 Quills

This server is Game of Thrones and is HotD themed.

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Red Rɪʙʙᴏɴ♡

  • Total Members 125 Members
  • Online Members 44 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

Step into a vibrant community where socializing is at the heart of everything we do. Whether you're looking to meet new people, chat with friends, or simply unwind after a long day, Red Ribbon is the perfect place to hang out and connect with others.

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🚘 R/C Hotspot 🎄

  • Total Members 30 Members
  • Online Members 16 Online
  • Total Members 1 Quills

A server for people who're interested in the R/C hobby.

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Meow Meow Meow!

  • Total Members 6 Members
  • Online Members 4 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

A server to talk in! Meow Meow Meow! Have fun forever!

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Cuz's Services

  • Total Members 11 Members
  • Online Members 9 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

This is a server where i service others servers (Basically a customer service server that does work to other servers for payment, unless you are within the first 5 members to join my server ;) )

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Dragon Community

  • Total Members 38 Members
  • Online Members 20 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

Hi! We are pleased to introduce you to our AMAZING server! It is a safe place for everyone and includes many, many things, Are you ready to chat with our amazing community and are ready to be protected by our trustworthy moderators as well as play MANY games with your friends? This is a perfect place for you!

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☁Dreamlight☁ | Fun・Hangout・Giveaways・Chat・More

  • Total Members 426 Members
  • Online Members 96 Online
  • Total Members 4 Quills

Are you looking for a fun, well-built, chill and growing community? Then you are in the right place! Join us! We cant wait to meet you!

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~Space Colony Ark~

  • Total Members 14 Members
  • Online Members 9 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

A Sonic the Hedgehog roleplay and hangout server for those who want to talk about their favourite blue blur or who even want to roleplay their favourite characters and create an enticing story!

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𝓿𝓮𝓻𝔂 𝓬𝓸𝓸𝓵 𝓹𝓮𝓸𝓹𝓵𝓮

  • Total Members 13 Members
  • Online Members 8 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

Make history and be some of the firt people to join my new server that will soon be very popular 😎

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Elemental Mountain Biking

  • Total Members 816 Members
  • Online Members 123 Online
  • Total Members 4 Quills

The Elemental Mountain Biking Community are a Host for everything Mountain Biking. We offer a Dedicated Server for the growth of yours and others personal Mountain Biking abilities.

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Kinky Masters

  • Total Members 7 Members
  • Online Members 7 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

A tight knit community designed to bring together masters and slaves, we include a matchmaking feature for those looking to find their one in a billion.

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Be Gay Do Crime || LGBTQ+ Server 🌈

  • Total Members 183 Members
  • Online Members 53 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

Be Gay Do Crime is a LGBTQ+ oriented server but is a community server and operates as an overall safe place for all minorities! We have a verification system, fun activies, a lot of identity roles, and the best part – a lovely community and helpful staff!

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🌌The Cosmic Corner🌌

  • Total Members 66 Members
  • Online Members 29 Online
  • Total Members 3 Quills

A small server for anyone to join we play games chill in vcs and are here for anything you need so feel free to join and say hi.

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Galax Hosting LLC

  • Total Members 117 Members
  • Online Members 56 Online
  • Total Members 1 Quills

Forge smart AI chatbots at Galaxy AI. Create friendships with AI.

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⋆aes⋆ revamp

  • Total Members 166 Members
  • Online Members 49 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

༒ aes ༒ social ・icons ・ntox ・community ・aesthetic ・cute ・sfw

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  • Total Members 5 Members
  • Online Members 5 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

Embark on success with [MR BUSINESS]! Join a dynamic community of social media enthusiasts, business leaders, and go-getters. 🚀 Unleash possibilities through insightful discussions and industry insights. Forge meaningful connections, unlock wealth strategies, explore job opportunities, and dive into lively discussions. Join [MR BUSINESS] today! ✨ [👉 Join Now -] 💼 #SuccessJourney

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  • Total Members 31 Members
  • Online Members 21 Online
  • Total Members 1 Quills

Howdy! Welcome to Konami, an NSFW & SFW Community Server! We are LGBTQ+ friendly and do not discriminate at the least. We would love for you to join us, and make our ever growing server even more of a big & friendly place! So if you wanna join, feel free to join a chat at any time. Just know we don't let anyone in the NSFW channels without ID verification. Hopefully we see you in the server! ^^

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BorderLine Community

  • Total Members 16 Members
  • Online Members 8 Online
  • Total Members 1 Quills

We're a bunch of idiots who want to make friends, kindly join us please!

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The Spiritual Bodhi Cafe

  • Total Members 89 Members
  • Online Members 39 Online
  • Total Members 1 Quills

We are a SFW, 18+ weight loss server. We have all kinds of members, ranging from those on weight loss medications such as Mounjaro and Ozempic, to those who simply calorie count and practice mindful eating.

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