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Be Gay Do Crime || LGBTQ+ Server 🌈

Creator: d3c4y1ng.t33th.

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We offer:

- Verification system to keep trolls, raiders, and toxic people out of the server

- Roles which include pronoun roles; gender roles; orientation roles; preference roles (gender terms/DMs/pings/friend requests/ping roles) + more

- Leveling system and fun activites such as QOTD, FOTD, Bop or Flop, Daily Positivity, art contests, events/giveaways, bots, + more!

- Place to advertise + Partnerships

- LGBTQ+ category with channels like Gender Help, Sexuality Help, Testing Pronouns, a Dictionary, + more!

- Safe Area category to vent + rant in

Be Gay Do Crime has a lot to offer so join us and become apart of this rad community!

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    April 15, 2024

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    April 15, 2024