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Dragon Community

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Hi! We are pleased to introduce you to our AMAZING server! It is a safe place for everyone and includes many, many things, Are you ready to chat with our amazing community and are ready to be protected by our trustworthy moderators as well as play MANY games with your friends? This is a perfect place for you!

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Galax Hosting LLC

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Forge smart AI chatbots at Galaxy AI. Create friendships with AI.

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Advertising Avenue

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Advertising β€Ž β€Ž Avenue Here you will find: β€Ž β€Žβ€Ž β€Žβ€Ž β€Žβ€Ž β€Ž - 20+ advertising channels to suit every server theme Active staff to answer your questions & give advice* β€Ž β€Žβ€Ž β€Žβ€Ž β€Žβ€Ž β€Žβ€Ž -β€Žβ€Ž β€ŽGiveaways Partnerships Community channels for chatting & making friends! Completely sfw server! β€Ž β€Žβ€Ž β€Žβ€Ž β€Žβ€Ž β€Žβ€Ž β€Žβ€Ž And Much More! Head on over to AA to start your jouney with us now!

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Hi :) calm chatting server gaining slowly new members❀️. Be a part of it by joining now. Everyone is welcome❀️❀️❀️

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⋆⋆ looped ⋆⸝ Hey! We're a gaming and chatting server. Make friends, enjoy cool emojis, and chat safely. ➳ Friendly community ➳ New friends ➳ Safe chats ➳ Cool emojis "* ˚ ✦ Seeking: ➳ New members ➳ Possible staff ➳ Maybe partners too!" β­’β­’β­’ Join: https://discord.gg/QE4M8TgeuH ⋆⋆ looped ⋆⸝

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