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Cuz's Services

  • Total Members 11 Members
  • Online Members 9 Online
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This is a server where i service others servers (Basically a customer service server that does work to other servers for payment, unless you are within the first 5 members to join my server ;) )

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๐ŸŒŒThe Cosmic Corner๐ŸŒŒ

  • Total Members 66 Members
  • Online Members 29 Online
  • Total Members 3 Quills

A small server for anyone to join we play games chill in vcs and are here for anything you need so feel free to join and say hi.

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Oliver's Wrld

  • Total Members 30 Members
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Oliver's Wrld is an up & coming community for everyone! Here you can make new friends, answer the qotd, participate in events and giveaways and much more. We have a great moderation team to make sure no one ruins the chats for everyone!

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  • Total Members 84 Members
  • Online Members 28 Online
  • Total Members 1 Quills

โ‹†โ‹† looped โ‹†โธ Hey! We're a gaming and chatting server. Make friends, enjoy cool emojis, and chat safely. โžณ Friendly community โžณ New friends โžณ Safe chats โžณ Cool emojis "* หš โœฆ Seeking: โžณ New members โžณ Possible staff โžณ Maybe partners too!" โญ’โญ’โญ’ Join: โ‹†โ‹† looped โ‹†โธ

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  • Total Members 3 Members
  • Online Members 3 Online
  • Total Members 2 Quills

Bid for prime time slots at your favorite businesses and connect over Discord.

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