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Meow Meow Meow!

  • Total Members 6 Members
  • Online Members 4 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

A server to talk in! Meow Meow Meow! Have fun forever!

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~Space Colony Ark~

  • Total Members 14 Members
  • Online Members 9 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

A Sonic the Hedgehog roleplay and hangout server for those who want to talk about their favourite blue blur or who even want to roleplay their favourite characters and create an enticing story!

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K-G Cheap V-Bucks

  • Total Members 6 Members
  • Online Members 3 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

Cheap Fortnite Vbucks, for now payment method is only paypal, but later we might work on that. Join us to make a big community, we will try to make the server big and clean without any nsfw content just a server where you all can talk about fortnite, find a duo / trio /squad and we will maybe make some custom stuff. Join and we will make sure for you to have fun ,effective and fast way of getting cheaper vbucks.

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~🗡 Cantrips and Chaos 🗡~

  • Total Members 10 Members
  • Online Members 8 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

Hey, you! Do you like dungeons and dragons? Would you like to be a part of a fun new community? Then you should join Cantrips and Chaos! DND here is fun, laid back, and beginner friendly. Talk to new people, share your art, upload your OWN races, classes, and background, and play as them! Explore magical, fantastical worlds with a fun community where every session is an adventure.

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Galax Hosting LLC

  • Total Members 117 Members
  • Online Members 56 Online
  • Total Members 1 Quills

Forge smart AI chatbots at Galaxy AI. Create friendships with AI.

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The Backrooms

  • Total Members 129 Members
  • Online Members 57 Online
  • Total Members 1 Quills

Random server where u can talk and meet ppl (ignore bots if u join). Features like truth or dare and nsfw channels also here

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Text Roleplay/Gaming/Community

  • Total Members 25 Members
  • Online Members 12 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

Hey! I hope you enjoy the server, its a multi-purpose server with many things to do besides Roleplay! I hope to see ya soon!

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Sound Soul

  • Total Members 10 Members
  • Online Members 7 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

Sound Soul is an all-purpose Soul Eater server with all sorts of channels to explore. The users are friendly and welcoming, and we hope you have a fun time in our server!

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