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Regulus 🜲

  • Total Members 158 Members
  • Online Members 42 Online
  • Total Members 3 Quills

This place is a casual community open to people with varied interests. The purpose is to expose people to others of different mindsets and lifestyles, since I personally like to learn anything others are passionate about. If you like playing games, watching movies, or reading books with others, feel free to create or suggest events. If you wanna debate people, don't be afraid to randomly bring up a topic. We are bored and want new ppl, so come check us out.

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MaThi Hangout・Chill・Emojis・VC・Events・Nitro

  • Total Members 837 Members
  • Online Members 102 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

This is a chill giveaway/community server which welcomes everyone to join and engage with the others.

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  • Total Members 1195 Members
  • Online Members 210 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

💥We are a Global Community dedicated to Age of Empires 2. Join us for 24/7 ranked matches, exciting in-house games, and top-notch tournaments. Share your story and be part of the Tribe! 💖 Our core Values are: 👉Love, Respect, Kindness, and Forgiveness 👈

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The Cooking Guild

  • Total Members 16 Members
  • Online Members 3 Online
  • Total Members 2 Quills

Welcome to the Cooking Guild, where Tamriel's culinary delights come to life! Uniting the finest chefs and food enthusiasts of Elder Scrolls Online, our server brings the mouthwatering flavors of the continent right to your plate. Here, we mix ESO's unique ingredients with a zest of community camaraderie.

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Anti-Social Book Club

  • Total Members 22 Members
  • Online Members 6 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

Girls-Only Gaming/Book Club/Making long lasting Friendships Discord

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Sound Soul

  • Total Members 10 Members
  • Online Members 7 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

Sound Soul is an all-purpose Soul Eater server with all sorts of channels to explore. The users are friendly and welcoming, and we hope you have a fun time in our server!

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Text Roleplay/Gaming/Community

  • Total Members 25 Members
  • Online Members 12 Online
  • Total Members 0 Quills

Hey! I hope you enjoy the server, its a multi-purpose server with many things to do besides Roleplay! I hope to see ya soon!

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