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Ghost Designs👻: Dropping Ghostly Products Since 2024.

Ghost Designs is dropping the most unique and the best-thought-out products on the market. We develop GTA V, Discord, and Mods for Other Games.

Why you should pick Ghost Designs

From our birth, we have wanted to bring something....something that no one else is doing, with game modifications what else is there to do? How about we do everything? Pretty broad term right? Well we are not shy to get our hands dirty...filthy even..there is a lot to come and you don't want to miss it. Here at Ghost, we have the drive to crush the competition and won't stop till they are in our dust. There is a new player on the block MF you better be ready.

What makes Ghost Designs different?

Well instead of relying on a website we will be selling all of our commissions on Discord and for our paid products we use a subscription-based system which makes things a lot easier for everyone on Patreon. What is coming soon? A subscription system on our discord as well. 

We just dropped two free vehicle packs!

Now using the Server Shop!

Making products that will blow your mind, no one does it like us!

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    July 18, 2024